Awaken the Joy of Being

Intuitive Coaching and Energy Healing to help you:

  • Clear and Maintain Your Energy Field

  • Move Through Life Experience With Ease

  • Free The Mind of Limiting Perceptions

  • Live From Your Heart Channel

  • Tune To Your Soul Signal

  • Channel Healing Energies Into Your Body and Your Life

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Awaken with support

The joy of being is every human being’s natural state. Throughout our lives we pick up patterns of thought and expectation that cause us to focus ourselves into states of being that do not allow us to feel joy. The joy of life is always present, but our awareness of that joy oscillates because of our practiced patterns of resistance to life.

Alexandra’s intention in her work is to help others retrieve their creative energy by teaching them how to release their repetetive negative perceptions and reactions. She does this by intuitive coaching and also by doing Rohun therapy. Rohun therapy is a holistic therapy utilizing spiritual energy, meaning it is performed in a channeled state, and it works directly with the mind, emotions, and body. Rohun therapy is etheric thought surgery, where the client is lead on a meditative journey through the chakras where they can identify and progress their resistant patterns of thought and reaction. The client progresses the stuck energy by visualizing or sensing the reactive self, and channeling their love to that part of their mind. In the Rohun Caged process, the negative energies are evicted and replaced with more loving thoughts. The result of clearing these patterns is that the client will have more choice, free will, wellbeing, and abundance in their life.

Alexandra has a powerful desire is to help people realize their freedom in every moment by showing them the power of love and awareness. She knows that with a little bit of guidance of how to direct one’s energies, awakening takes on a life of its own and people can realize and experience their freedom and joy in ever deepening ways.


Work with

In our sessions together, you will receive insightful knowledge that helps you to understand your awakening experiences and how to harmonize with your awakening process to make it easier and more comfortable. The awakening process is a natural phenomenon. With a little fine-tuning, it can occur with greater ease and acceleration.