Awaken the Joy of Being

About Alexandra

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Alexandra was born in Miami, FL. She practiced law in Miami until 2016. In the summer of 2016 she had a dramatic shift in consciousness when consciousness woke itself up from the identification with form. She felt the deep peace, bliss and joy of realizing herself as awareness, love, creativity, and presence, which are more fundamental than who she thought she was in her mind. No longer being lost in thought, life began to integrate her into the feeling-sense of being, which is inherently characterized by a sense of peace and joy- the joy of being alive.

Throughout the process of awakening that followed her initial realization, Alexandra learned tools that helped her modulate her energy. She learned to work with her mind, body, and attention in order to help life-force energy flow through her with as much ease as she could allow.

Alexandra believes that learning how to work with one’s energies, while being rooted in awareness is the key to a joyful life experience.

Alexandra helps people understand how their attention and habits of thought block their flow of life force and by pointing them to this understanding, shift happens naturally. Uninhibited flow of life force allows people to experience not only the bliss of being alive, but also helps them realize their potential as creators in this beautiful word.

Alexandra takes great joy in witnessing people realize the power of their observation, intention, and attention. She has a very deep understanding of the way life moves and knows without a doubt that every human being can realize happiness when they simply become aware of how they disallow this natural state of joy. The awareness of well being that she holds provides a nourishing space for people to allow themselves to remember their natural joy.